Flora -Tape

by The Vanilla Beans

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These songs were released on TAPE April 2015. They are kinda-raw/unmastered. ENJOY!


released April 15, 2015

Ani -Vox/Keys
Remix of Count me out by My Sweet Baby: soundcloud.com/my-sweet-baby



all rights reserved


The Vanilla Beans St Louis, Missouri

Bleep beep! Bloop Boop! oooooOOOoooo

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Track Name: Possible SSS Armison
Take it back to the store like you forgot to pay
show remorse show regret but baby please don't wait
There's a song inside your mind
and all the verses rhyme
I keep space in my heart I keep it just for you
I keep tabs on my heart I stays forever blue
We're standing in this line
We might be wasting time
Pass it on Pass it out
and keep it intricate
We've been on this trip long
I swear I'm sick of it
You'll say it's in my mind
You say that all the time
I keep pace with my heart
I measure space with it
And when you're not around the moments start to slip
I know you're still alive
Just spread your wings and fly
Track Name: Count Me Out
You can count me out now
Like you've done so much before
You go round and around now
You go out driving out in your car
It's just the same when you're in or your outside
Beauty too real to withstand any sunlight
Speaking so soft you consult with your ego
Wake me from dreams that allow all this evil
Leaving this town cause it's only a zombie
Souless and frail but still walking around me
You're just too good and I'll keep all the memories
Singing alone all the songs that I can keep

You can count me out
Track Name: RightThisWrongRightThis
I don't want to be forgiven
I want to see you safe at home right now
do you think there will be a winner to this game?
and how is that reward doled out now

you can't right this wrong

History favors the emboldened and the strong
I'm sure we'll be remembered well
blessed with the curse of living
the victory of creating your very own prison cell

you can't right this wrong
Track Name: Put Put Put Voice
I'm sure that we all have our reasons
for building a wall here and there
we look forward to changes in seasons
I like to pretend i'm not here
like we dont know each other
like we don't have a choice
like I don't know forgiveness
Like I don't have a voice

Faced with the advent of cruely
turn really fast walk away
Samaritan service rejected
We'd like to keep holding this pace
Track Name: Count Me Out MuMu 35%-> Mix by My Sweet Baby